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    A novel, personalized approach for moderate to severe allergy sufferers.

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    Introducing Allerdent® - the painless and convenient allergy solution.

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Allovate Therapeutics is a specialty biopharmaceutical company dedicated to simplifying allergy treatment by providing safe, effective, and convenient new options for allergy sufferers.


Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy


Oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) is a novel form of allergen-specific immunotherapy. Immunotherapy has a 100-year track record of success for respiratory allergies. OMIT improves upon this approach by delivering immunotherapeutic agents to the areas of the oral cavity with the highest likelihood of prompting a decrease in allergy symptoms in order to improve the health of allergy sufferers.

Clinical investigations led by Allovate are developing the OMIT platform for the treatment of respiratory allergies to environmental substances like dust mite, pollen, animal dander, and molds. OMIT offers the potential of a long-term solution for more than 60 million Americans and more than 200 million people worldwide who have allergies.

Allerdent® System


Allovate’s approach to allergy immunotherapy is built around the Allerdent® allergy therapeutic platform. The proprietary Allerdent® toothpaste base is designed to incorporate and stabilize immunotherapeutic agents used to treat allergies.

The Allerdent® toothpaste base is available without active pharmaceutical agents. It can be customized by physicians to address the needs of each respiratory allergy patient.

Allerdent® makes tackling allergies as simple as brushing your teeth.

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