Order Allerdent Kits

Every Allerdent® kit contains a three-month supply of a specially-formulated base toothpaste in an unguator mixing jar. Protein preparations in 50% glycerin, such as allergenic extracts, can be homogeneously mixed into the toothpaste with a simple tongue depressor (included) and easily transferred to the metered dispensing system (included). The dispensing system enables equal daily volumes of protein-containing Allerdent® toothpaste to be dispensed over three months.

Fluoride-free Allerdent® kits (mint flavor & berry) may be ordered directly from Allovate.
Fully compounded, mint-flavored Allerdent® kits with extract are available from All-American Allergy Alternatives, LLC.
To order fully compounded Allerdent® kits, contact All-American Allergy:
(877)-667-4689 • questions@allamericanallergy.com

Fluoride Allerdent kits and fully compounded versions with extract are available from Pharmacy Innovations.
To order Fluoride Allerdent® kits, contact Pharmacy Innovations: (888) 844-4573

For more information: • Visit All-American Allergy  • or •  Visit Pharmacy Innovations •

For professional office use only.